Local Restaurateurs get ready to open Palm Desert’s Newest Eatery

Local Restaurateurs get ready to open Palm Desert’s Newest Eatery

Martín Di Felice

Palm Desert, CA

The silverware is clean and napkins are getting folded, the staff of AC3 is putting the finishes touches to Palm Desert’s newest restaurant.  

The restaurant is also a part of the city’s newest lodging, Hotel Paseo, but the restaurant side is ran separate.

The owners of AC3 are well known restaurateurs in the desert, one of them is Tony Marchese, who is also the owner of Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs. The two other co-owners are Juliana and Andrew Copley, they own Copley’s On Palm Canyon. 

"Both myself and the Copley’s inherited a restaurant that we had to adapt to," Marchese said. "So here we got customize the kitchen and the service station, to really create amazing service and amazing space."

Marchese said he wants guests to feel at home inside the new restaurant, but opening a new kitchen from the ground-up does have its challenges. 

Executive Chef, Brandon Testi said, "You try to mesh up to 20, 40 different employees into one family very quickly."

And that is juts the kitchen staff, the full staff for the restaurant will be in the upwards of 80 employees. 

Testi said, "Opening breakfast lunch and dinner, we have room service, pool bar and all of those different entities are a challenge but I’m really enjoying it."

He said the menu is designed for a quick around, Testi said as soon as they get a ticket, they spark-up the range. 

Testi said, "We’re a from scratch kitchen, so we don’t have any tin cans, we don’t take any glory in opening a can and putting it on a plate."

He said the theme for his kitchen is "twisted American" and one of his favorite dishes made it to the menu. It is a pan-seared Striped bass with,  "Black blue lentils with a smoked citrus butter, a little bit of cilantro and all the components work very well together."

The restaurant officially opens on Tuesday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the staff at Hotel Paseo prepares to cut the ribbon on Monday.