Caroline Kennedy Talks To High Schoolers In The Valley

Caroline Kennedy Talks To High Schoolers In The Valley

Martín Di Felice

Indian Wells, CA

Thousands of people gathered inside of the Indian Wells resort tonight to hear Caroline Kennedy. Among the people in the audience were 150 high school students, making it an event of a lifetime. First Caroline Kennedy talked to students from high schools across the valley, and then she spoke to nearly 2,000 people in a different hall and shared her experience as the former United States Ambassador to Japan.

"I’m feeling super excited," said Jahjaira Telles, the winner of the Kennedy Poetry Contest.

She was excited and honored to be able to meet her idol, Caroline Kennedy, at the Desert Town Hall event.

“I get to meet someone who represents everything that I want to be and that I can be,” she added.

Jahjaira Telles is a senior from Indio High School and an aspiring lawyer. Plus, she scored two tickets to see Ms. Kennedy after winning the poetry contest. Ms. Kennedy is also a lover of poetry and encouraged students to continue to pursue their passion in writing. Jahjaira told KMIR that she was ecstatic to meet her role model.

"She’s one of the people that I look up to, you know….that they impact the world in such a good way and something that I wish I can do.”

The ball room was filled with 150 students from high school across the valley. Among the speakers, Caroline Kennedy and author Jill Essbaum.

“You know people want to change the world, you can’t change the world, you can change yourself, and you can change the people around you and that changes the world," said Jill Essbaum.

A world that is a blank page for these writers.

“You have not become the person you want to be yet, and, how exciting is that,” she added.

One that Ms. Kennedy says is in good hands with these future leaders.

“I hope that you will stay with it, that you will continue to think of creative solution to the problems we are having and…i’m counting on you.”

This Desert Town Hall event is one of four that happens every year. The next one will feature journalist Chris Wallace as the keynote speaker. Students will also get to hear from and ask him questions as part of this educational partnership.