Palm Desert High School Gears Up For Career Girls’ Day

Palm Desert High School Gears Up For Career Girls’ Day

Martín Di Felice

Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert High School gears up for Career Girls’ Day, even though it’s three weeks away, on April 7th. School administrators say they need all the time they can get to put together this program, which will transform the lives of middle school and high school girls who attend. Leslie Villalva, a sophomore at Palm Desert High says she attended this event last year and it has since helped shape her dreams.

"I felt very motivated and empowered because all these women came from different upbringings but that didn’t stop them to push past their limits, take on new challenges, and just go for what they want."

Something she hopes other girls, from 5th grade all the way top 12th get to experience this year at the event. Kayla Adler, a Palm Desert High school teacher and an organizer of the event, says they have lots of female professionals lined up to speak to students.

"We have doctors, we have film producers, we have teachers, we have animal specialists. We have a huge variety of women."

Women who will come in and share their full story with these students and what they were thinking at their age.

"So they get a feeling of, oh I can understand this because it’s who I am now today and look who they are now," Adler adds.

Kayla says the speakers will also tackle a growing problem with the younger generations.

"Their biggest concern is that this generation doesn’t know soft skills which are now essential skills…basic, how to work in a group, how to answer a phone, how to shake a hand. There’s all these skills that because social media is so impacting in their lives, they don’t get to experience."

Good news is they will not only get to brush up on those skills at Career Girls’ Day, but they’ll also get to tour around the Palm Desert High School campus and experience hands on learning. The facility has mock hospital beds, IV’s, a NIC-U, and more.

The event is free and Career Girls’ Day and lunch is provided. Last day to RSVP is April 4th. For more information on how to register call Palm Desert High School at (760) 862-4300.