Mystery Rumblings Felt Across Desert Hot Springs

News Staff

Desert Hot Springs, CA

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Sky Valley last night, but it’s what happened afterwards that’s a mystery. It’s something that woke up much of Desert Hot Springs early Friday morning. 

"No it’s not an earthquake. It’s just like a tremor, like a vibration, you can even hear it on the windows, it’s crazy," says resident Thalia Acosta.

People across the city say it was a low rumble and you could feel it. They say it would come off and on for hours. Andres Gonzales believes he captured the faint mystery sound, "It sounded kind of like a helicopter pushing wind."

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Even officials can’t explain the tremors. A representative with the USGS says it was most likely not an earthquake. Officers in the Desert Hot Springs Police Department say they can’t explain it either. "We had officers out at a traffic incident and they also heard it, officers looked around the area to locate the source but they were not able to," says Deputy Chief Jim Henson.

This isn’t the first time there’s been an unexplainable phenomenon in Desert Hot Springs. A few months ago, KMIR reported mystery booms heard around the city. 

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But this time it’s vibrations and rumbling. Some have their own theories, "I have to say maybe something we don’t know yet. like an alien, a UFO," says Gonzalez.

KMIR News reached out to Twentynine Palms to see if it could be activity at the base, but we have not received a response.

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