RIVCO Is Ready For A Major Earthquake. Are you?

RIVCO Is Ready For A Major Earthquake. Are you?

Vincenzo Marino

It lit up the Richter scale in Los Angeles. A 5.3 magnitude earthquake, the strongest in several years, rumbled off the coast of the Channel Islands.

“The five point three is a good size jolt so it’s not surprising that it’s felt fairly strongly but not all that strongly I felt it across the street but nobody else in the building felt that,” said U.S.G.S. seismologist Dr. Susan Huff.

At the Riverside County Emergency Operations Center in Indio, Emergency Services Coordinator Jose Contreras says the sooner you are prepared, the better.

“The time to prepare is now. Don’t wait until something happens. You want to start building a kit for your home obviously, you want to start building a kit for your office and for your vehicle as well,” Contreras said.

Top on the list is water. A gallon of it per person, per day. Second, non-perishable food items. Enough of both to last 7 to 10 days. You should also have a flashlight, medical supplies and something many people don’t think to keep around.

“Cash. Small bills, coins,” Contreras said.

Experts say if power lines are down, credit cards won’t get you very far. Once you have your kit, the next step is learning how to react to an earthquake.

“Drop, cover and hold. The best thing you can do is go underneath a hard, flat surface,” said Contreras.

If you visit RIVCOReady.org and register your cell phone number, you can receive up to the minute text messages from the Emergency Management Department in the event of an earthquake or any other major disaster. But keep in mind, if cell phone towers are down you will not be able to receive those text messages. Which underscores the importance of having an earthquake kit. Experts say it could very well save your life.