Vintage Car Show Raises Funds for Indio Elementary Students

Vintage Car Show Raises Funds for Indio Elementary Students

Max Rodriguez

Vintage cars took over the playgrounds of Jackson Elementary School in Indio for the fourth annual Latino Classics Car Show and Fundraiser.

The event is a collaboration between the school’s Parent Teacher Association and the Latino Classics Car Club, as a way to raise money for their students.

Traditional Aztec Dancers from the group, “Danza Azteca Citlaltonac” were part of the event’s entertainment as well as over 80 vintage cars.

Veronica Amezcua was one of the elementary teachers who started the event, she said, “Latino classics started their show here and they were all on board, the rest of the car clubs were all on board say yes we will support, especially that it is going 100 percent to the school.”

But this is not an unusual partnership, many of the Latino Classics club members attended Jackson Elementary School.

The president of the car club, Victor Flores has many ties to the school, “My parents live around the corner, my brothers live around the corner and all of our nephews and all we’ve been here for a long time, so we know Jackson school.”

He said his connection to the school compelled him and his club members to give back to the students. All of the money raised goes back to funding trips and after school programs for the students.

“Field trips were the first thing to be cut from school budgets, and I think it is important for our students especially because it is a low income area,” Amezcua said. “We have a lot of kids who get free or reduce lunch here, and so they don’t always have the opportunity to go out and see things that are not in this exact community.”

She said they were able to take the students on a field trip to Riley’s Farm in Oakland to learn more about the Gold Rush. But event goers did not have to go far to see how the money is used, the school’s dance team “Kidz Rock” performed at the fundraiser, and they are a group thanks to the support of the community.

Juanita Maciel is a student at Jackson Elementary School, and she loves to dance, “Some clubs in school, if they don’t have any more money they cancel them, and this one they didn’t cancel it.”

They raised over $3,000 last year, the money comes from car owners entering the show, as well as donations from the community.

Flores said he hopes the car show continues to help the students, so that they do not have to worry about losing another club, he said, “Just keep going and going until we are not here anymore and just keep it going for years to come.”