Happy National Pet Day, Fur/Feather/Fin Fans

Furry fact: Coincidences and confluences and surprise intersections and cool parallels are a natural part of spending a life caring for an animal.

A walk with a pup can lead you down a new street, where you meet neighbors you love. A visit to a cat café can inspire fresh friendships with other tea-sipping feline fans.

And the fact that National Pet Day, which is on April 11, romps into our worlds just a couple of weeks ahead of what’s called “the world’s largest pet & pet products expo”? Which just happens to take place in Southern California?

Well, if that isn’t kismet, or coincidence, we can call this match-up pretty darn fortituous, indeed, and worthy of a hearty bark or meow.

America’s Family Pet Expo is the event we speak of, and it is indeed huge, huger than a bunch of dog parks all smooshed together, in one space, if you can imagine such a sight in your mind.

But do note, while we’re on the topic of canines, this request: Organizers ask that attendees leave their own Lassies at home, as well as all other pets.

Once you’re there, at the OC Fair & Event Center?

Oh sweet stuffed toys, there’s a bunch to take in, from the Splash Dogs show to the Tortoise Petting Zoo to the Aquascaping Contest to the Reptile Show & Sale to pet adoptions and a huge, huge, oh-so-massive floor full of vendors and information booths.

The dates are Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29, the place is Costa Mesa, and a general admission ticket is $15.

So perhaps that’s how your properly honor April 11, or National Pet Day, for the furry or scaly or feathery residents of your domecile: You let them know that you’ll be attending this major convention at the end of April, all to learn more about them, and about care and fun and food and everything to do with making an animal’s life comfortable, healthy, safe, and sweet.

Of course, they’ll probably want a biscuit, or whatever treat they generally eat, too, on National Pet Day. Give them one now, then a cuddle to follow up.

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