Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Jazmine Lara

Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Jazmine Lara

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Palm Springs High School’s softball team was expecting to have a rebuilding year, until a freshman pitcher stepped on the mound. Her name is Jazmine Lara and she is our Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week.

The sound of the ball hitting the catcher’s glove is what freshman pitcher Jazmine Lara knows best.

Only halfway through the season and Lara has a 7-1 record and has sent 40 players back to the dugout. Being her first year at Palm Springs High School, Lara was not planning on becoming the starting pitcher.

“No, I didn’t it expect it at all.” Lara said.

Lara’s first year of high school has been a surprise.

“It was nerve racking at first. I was scared, but it’s been good so far, and the teachers are nice. ” Lara said.

Their softball record is also a surprise as the Indians are currently 5-0 in league play.

“We have a lot of new faces, especially pitching, pitching is the toughest spot to replace.” Palm Spring High School softball head coach Deb Cormier said. “Our new pitchers came in, especially our freshman pitcher Jazmine, and goes out there and attacks every single game. She just loves to be out there. You can tell by just the way she plays, so we were very surprised.”