Police: School Shooting Threat to John Glenn Middle School in Indio Unfounded

Many parents in the east valley chose not to send their kids to school Wednesday, after another school shooting threat in less than a week. This time targeting a school in Indio.

Parents and siblings of students at John Glenn Middle School in Indio say the threat quickly spread across social media, and some chose to be on the safe side, keeping their kids at home Wednesday.

“My daughter is actually at her dad’s house right now. He actually called me last night and told me that he had seen something on snap chat about a threat of a shooting at the shcool, and it was scary,” says Brittany Stewart who has a daughter at John Glenn.

“Oh well I’m going to shoot up the school and you guys are first.”

The alleged Snapchat threat reads quotes, “there will be a shooting, please be careful.” But the school district quickly let parents know Tuesday night, the threat was not credible. The ongoing investigation leads to the belief that the threat is from the past.

District Information Officer Mary Perry says, “the implication of a threat that was on social media was actually a resurfacing of a threat or the rumor of a threat that happened several weeks ago.”

While many parents treated it like another school day, some did not want to take a chance. Briana Mustaccha says her younger brother heard a school shooting threat a few weeks ago, “they,re saying that it’s a possible threat from the past, but you just don’t want to mess with that. A kid had come up to him and mentioned “oh well I’m going to shoot up the school and you guys are first.”‘

So it made this threat even scarier, “now hearing the threats, what if it wasn’t a joke? What if it’s serious?,” says Mustaccha.

To be extra cautious, John Glenn Middle School ramped up security to help students and their parents feel a little safer. Perry says, “I think it was a very positive thing for the students to see the officers here, to talk to them not about a specific threat, but just to know that they are here for their safety.”

Perry encourages students to report any threats to authorities before sharing it on social media. Just last week, a threat surface online toward Desert Mirage High School in Thermal, threatening a shooting during a rally on Friday the 13th. That one also turned out to not be credible.

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