Desert Regional Medical Center Penalized for two 2015 deaths

Desert Regional Medical Center Penalized for two 2015 deaths

Patrick Price

The California Department of Public Health just releasing a list of penalties to several hospitals across the state, one of those right here in the Coachella Valley. It all stems from incidents at desert regional medical center from 2015.

There are two complaints, each pages longs both putting fault on Desert Regional Medical Center for two deaths both on hospital time.

In the first complaint dated March 31, 2015, a patient was experiencing pain and blood was drawn as a result, it was determined that person’s hemoglobin levels were low. A physician ordered a blood transfusion but the complaint states an RN failed to communicate critical results and administered a blood transfusion an hour and a half after being informed blood was ready for the transfusion. The patient died as a result.

The second complaint dated October 7, 2015 states a patient came in with abnormal heartbeats. After days of monitoring, doctors suggested the patient get an MRI. During that procedure, the patient stated shortness of breath and asked to be pulled out. After a second attempt, the complaint says the patient was left un-monitored in the m-r-i area…that patient then became non-responsive and died shortly after. The cause of death was ruled cardiac arrest.

Both incidents were reviewed by the Department of Public Health and officials at the hospital, resulting in two penalties totaling $250,000 dollars. These are the hospitals sixth and seventh penalty in their history.

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