Linda Beal & Lana Hall – Local Historians

Linda Beal & Lana Hall – Local Historians

News Staff

Linda and Lana are two local historians of the Salton Sea.   

Lana Hall was the grand daughter to Gus Eilers, who was a real estate investor and opened a new resort, Date Palm Beach Resort and started boat races at the Salton Sea.

About the former Salton Sea History Museum

The La Quinta Museum had a wonderful exhibit on the Salton Sea appropriately titled, “The Mysteriously Enchanting Salton Sea.” The exhibit included many pieces of memorabilia on loan from early ‘Salton Sea’ families and the Salton Sea History Museum archives.

Also included in the exhibit were panels from Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea, a new book by Christina Lange. They had many Salton Sea gifts including the famous Salton Sea ashtray reproduction shown below, with all profits going to the Salton Sea History Museum.