Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Sydney Sprinkle

Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Sydney Sprinkle

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It’s hard to imagine what the Palm Desert High School softball team would be without transfer Sydney Sprinkle.

“I came here my sophomore year and didn’t really know what to expect.” Sprinkle said.

Now a senior captain and starting catcher for the Aztecs, it’s easy to say Sprinkle fits in quite well.

“It’s been one of the greatest things ever,” Sprinkle explained. “I love all the girls, every single one of my teammates. Each of them are their own person and all unique. Working with every one of them is awesome.”

Although Sprinkle is best known behind the batter, she’s one to watch when she steps up to the plate.

“I can hit home runs but that’s not what I think about when I’m up to bat,” Sprinkle said. “If the runner is on, I’m like, ‘I got to score’, whether it’s a sac fly, bunt, whatever it is, I’m just trying to get the run for my team.”

The 2017 Desert Valley League first team pick currently leads the DVL with 6 home runs and 31 RBI’s, showcasing how much of a team player Sprinkle is.

“She’s really grown this year as a person and a leader,” Palm Desert High School head softball coach James Serven said. “It’s so exciting to see a young adult become a mature leader, so it’s really rewarding for the coaching staff.”

Sprinkle is taking her talent to her old stomping grounds to play Division 2 softball at Concordia University-Irvine.

“It’s going to be good to go back to a place that I really love,” Sprinkle said. “I lived there for 6-7 years and I have a bunch of family and friends out there. But the team is just great. Softball is having one of their best seasons ever. Their academics is great, so I’m just looking to better myself as a student-athlete.”