‘Bloom’ of Bioluminescence Lights Up San Diego Beaches

‘Bloom’ of Bioluminescence Lights Up San Diego Beaches

News Staff

A spectacular bright blue glow is coming from San Diego’s ocean thanks to a red tide offshore, according to Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Photographers captured the bioluminescent display at local beaches Tuesday night. Scripps scientists Michael Latz said the eerie blue glow under the ocean’s surface is created by a massive number of dinoflagellates, small organisms that move through the sea.

Red tides create conditions that increase these “blooms” of dinoflagellates, possibly because of nutrients or hydrographic conditions in the ocean, but the cause is not entirely understood, according to Scripps.

The best time to capture the dramatic glow is at night. It is not clear how long the red tide or the ocean bioluminescence will last, so San Diegans should head to beaches soon for a chance to see the dramatic blue waves.

Photo Obtained via NBC 4 Courtesy of Luyi Zhao.

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