Gas Prices Expected to Soar Over Summer

Filling up your tank will cost even more this summer.

Richard Perez works in construction and drives a lot, “we got our tools in here, everything is in here to get the job done.”

But just the gas alone to get the job done is expensive. “This truck I think is 35 gallons,” says Perez. So how much does it cost to fill up? “Over $100,” he says.

One local resident says they’re already seeing the price increase. It was “usually between $45-$50 and now it’s up to $62.”

Economist John Paul Valdez says President Trump pulling out of the Iran deal and reinstating sanctions will make gas here cost more.

“The tax has not changed, yet the price of gas has changed because of volatility in the Middle East and volatility in the weather,” he says.

Jacob Yousef, the owner of gas station in Palm Desert says even oil not from Iran will cost us more. “We don’t get our oil from Iran, we get it from Saudi Arabia, but as the cost of oil goes up across the world, barrel prices go higher and we pay the cost of that.”

A tip to save money on gas, don’t use your trunk for storage. The heavier your car, the more fuel it will eat up. So how high will prices climb?

“I think it will hit the $4 very soon, I don’t think it will go too far past that before it goes back down,” says Yousef.

Perez says he’s bracing himself, “trying to limit where we go, places we go at and make one trip.”

The less trips, the less money.

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