Officers Pursue Stolen Car on Freeways in Three SoCal Counties

Officers Pursue Stolen Car on Freeways in Three SoCal Counties

News Staff

Police pursued a stolen car for hours Monday as the driver traveled on the wrong side of the road and drove recklessly on freeways and streets in three Southern California counties.

The driver was initially reaching speeds from 85 to 100 mph as Anaheim police pursued the driver on the 91 Freeway in Orange County before heading eastbound to Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

The driver of the stolen black 2002 Toyota Camry at one point threw objects from the window — one of which hit one of the California Highway Patrol SUVs.

The pursuit entered the 10 Freeway in the Rancho Cucamonga area, continuing east from Riverside County into San Bernardino County.

The driver was on a street in Riverside when a trailing officer attempted back-to-back PIT maneuvers that failed to stop the Camry.

Despite stopping at least twice on streets, the driver continued on.

Two hours into the chase, the driver stopped and ran from the Camry. It’s believed he ran into a building at 3463 Grapevine in the Riverside community of Glen Avon.

Two men were detained, as well as a woman, as officers searched the car.

Ambrosia Gonzalez said she attempted to stop the pursuit driver by pulling her car in front of the Camry.