Weekend Getaway Rush for Memorial Day in the Valley

Weekend Getaway Rush for Memorial Day in the Valley

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, the of year most used to flee the Coachella Valley.

But Aftab Dada the expert when it comes to valley tourism says this is the home stretch, “For the tourism industry it’s known as the big last hurrah in our market,” adding that when he started in the hospitality industry in the valley nearly 30 years ago season ended weeks before the Memorial Day holiday, “dramatically it has changed the whole market has now become a year round market.”

He expects the majority of the 15 thousand rooms across the valley to be booked throughout the weekend.

That’s the case at La Quinta Resort and Club, says, Chris George, marketing manager with the resort, “We’re totally sold out all 777 rooms of the resort are going to be fully occupied this weekend … it’s very exciting for us we’re really looking forward to memorial weekend kicking off the summer season for us.”

The Klode family from Redondo Beach has been coming to vacation in the valley for years and Marci and Ken say they’ve noticed the change.

Marci asks, “I think it is getting busier, do you?”

“Oh absolutely weeks and weeks if not months in ahead of time before these busy weekends,” says Ken. 

The sunshine used to be what drove people away this time of year.

“Oh it’s amazing the weather, I love it when it’s hot, I love swimming it’s just really nice there’s just a lot of stuff that you can do,” says Blake Klode, adding he can’t believe people actually leave the valley to escape the heat, “Oh, I think that’s a mistake, I feel like they should stay here … it’s just like an oasis.”