Boise youth football team rescues crash victims

Boise youth football team rescues crash victims

News Staff

A Boise football team is attracting national headlines for all the right reasons.

The team was on its way back to Boise after playing in a football tournament in California when they came upon an upside down vehicle that had crashed alongside an Oregon highway. After several minutes, the team helped an elderly man out of the car and then proceeded to lift the car up to get the woman passenger out and get her legs un-stuck from the windshield.

“I just feel these boys deserve some kind of recognition after all their hard work and to top it off, their heroic act,” parent Jeremiah Andrews told KBOI 2News.

The team was traveling home after just winning the Bay Area Spring Football League National Championship in California. All of the sudden, a huge dust cloud appeared right in front of them. It was the car flipping with the man and woman inside.

The team then sprung into action.

Today, all the players say, they’re happy that both the people in the car appeared to be okay.

“We’re looking at a bunch of heroes. I mean, we went from football champs to heroes overnight so that’s what’s now. We’re just going to live in the moment with these guys and let them feel what’s going on and then football, football we’ll take care of football later,” said Black Knights coach Rudy Jackson.

The video has now gone viral and the team’s effort is being mentioned across the country on national news programs.