‘Alienlike’ Babies Crawl into Downtown Palm Springs

‘Alienlike’ Babies Crawl into Downtown Palm Springs

Max Rodriguez

A lot of people are talking about the “Babies” in Downtown Palm Springs.

The “Babies” are a set of ten sculptors of large face-less babies by Czech artist, David Černý. The ten toddlers sit on an empty sand lot in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum, they will stay in that lot until construction breaks for new condominium project.

The “Babies” have traveled the world, they were first presented at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art in 1994, and made other appearances in cities such as London.

The public art installation was a go locally, after the community’s warm reception of another sculptor, named “Isabelle” that sits in front of The Rowan Hotel. Both of the art installations were brought to the desert through a collaboration between Hohmann Fine Art and Grit Development.

The “Babies” are getting mixed reviews by the community on social media, but there is no denying they attracting people to downtown.

Fabrizio Scwtimo lives in Palm Springs but he made his way to Museum Drive to see the toddlers in person. He describes them as, “I want to say scary, but it is pretty intense to see these I don’t know babies, or men babies without faces.” 

Through a press release by the City of Palm Springs, the artist said people will either love or hate the installation. Černý said the inspiration for the “Babies” came from concerns of the “dehumanization” of society, he replaced their faces with barcodes.

KMIR News spoke to several people viewing the exhibit, and they did not hate the art, but some were confused. Hal Stellini visited from Los Angeles, he said, “I think they have just landed here and they are looking for intelligent life, or something to eat.”

Stellini said the art and style of Palm Springs keeps drawing him back to the desert, “This city is not afraid to experiment with different types of art.”

The “Babies” will stay in the sandlot for the next two years.