Woman Calls Police to go to Dentist, Punches Cop

Woman Calls Police to go to Dentist, Punches Cop

News Staff

A Newbury Park woman was arrested Thursday for battering a sheriff’s deputy after she had called 911 for help. Two deputies met with Erin Bond in front of her house and tried to find out why she had called claiming there was an emergency.

During the conversation, Bond complained about a recent dental procedure she had experienced and demanded the deputies take her to the dentist to get a new appointment or referral to a different dentist. The deputies explained to Bond that her complaint about her dentist was not a criminal matter, and that they could not take her to the dentist.

After several minutes of conversation, the deputies told Bond they were leaving. Bond followed one of the deputies to his patrol vehicle and stood directly in front of it so he could not drive away. Both deputies tried to convince Bond to move out of the street and return to her house. She refused. The deputies told Bond that she would be arrested if she did not move away from the front of the vehicle.

Bond refused to move and continued to block the vehicle. The deputies patiently warned Bond at least three times that she needed to move or she would be arrested. However, Bond refused to comply with the deputies and did not move. When the deputies approached Bond to arrest her, she punched one of the deputies twice in the face.

The deputies grabbed Bond and attempted to control her on the ground, but she continued to resist them by kicking and struggling. A deputy requested emergency assistance and held Bond until she could be safely handcuffed. Bond was taken to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura and booked for one count of battery on a peace officer. Neither Bond nor the deputies were injured during the incident.

A nearby resident recorded a short video of Bond being held on the sidewalk just before two additional deputies arrived to help with the arrest. That video captured a small portion of the aftermath of the incident. However, it did not depict Bond’s actions that led to her arrest.

Body-worn camera footage recorded by the deputies showed Bond refusing to comply with their instructions and physically attacking the deputies when they attempted to arrest her.