Coachella Valley Leaders Protest Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

Coachella Valley Leaders Protest Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

Lauren Day Connect

Some Coachella Valley leaders are standing up against the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration. The group gathered at the Fountain of Life today to protest the separation of migrant families.

It’s an emotional topic for Coachella resident Maria Lopez, who immigrated from Mexico to Coachella as a young kid. She says, “and for you to just think you’re home free. Even people who have built an entire life here and to be discovered as undocumented 10 years into living here it’s just gone in a second.”

Coachella Valley leaders today protesting the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy. It criminally charges families who cross the border illegally.

Luis Nolasco from the ACLU of Southern California says, “We draw the line at the removal of children from the care of their parents. They’re fleeing to the United States for help, and what we’re doing is criminalizing them and separating them from their children.”

President Trump today blamed Democrats writing on Twitter, “the democrats are forcing the breakup of families at the border with their horrible and cruel legislative agenda. Any immigration bill MUST HAVE full funding for the wall, end catch & release, Visa Lottery and chain, and go to merit based immigration. The democrats forced that law upon our nation. I hate it. I hate to see separation of parents and children.”

Even Father Howard Lincoln is speaking up, “to take children from the arms of their mother is unconscionable.”

Lopez hopes the Trump Administration hears her cries, “it’s murder, physically murder, literally murder and also metaphorically in every way.”

A local town hall for family integrity is being organized for early July.