Fans of Fantasy Flock the ‘PS Comic Xpo’

Fans of Fantasy Flock the ‘PS Comic Xpo’

Max Rodriguez

The Palm Springs Comic Xpo is making its debut at the Convention Center, not to be confused with Comic Con Palm Springs, and whether you are looking to wear your favorite superhero costume or take a break from the triple digit heat this weekend.

It feels like another planet inside the Palm Springs Comic Xpo, but one this is certain it is a place people can be their true self.

Alexis Noriega is the owner and designer of The Crooked Feather; she is wearing one her designs, a set of gold tipped wings with white feathers decorating her goddess cosplay costume.

“You have Disney fans and you have Dr. Who fans, and you have comic book fans and you have movie fans and there’s all of these different fandom,” Noriega said. “But the thing that brings us all together about the thing we love to geek out about.”

And “geeking out” can take different forms, inside the event people can become the deadliest woman of the galaxy through green body paint or meet one of the Star Wars villains, the one responsible for giving children nightmares back in 1999.

Ray Park played Darth Maul the bad guy in Star Wars Episode One, The Phantom Menace, people usually see him in popular blockbusters but this weekend he was at arm’s reach.

Park said, “Now I see five year old kids thinking Darth Maul is awesome and that he’s cool, and so it’s taken me a few years to come to terms that they think the bad guy is really cool.”

Aaron Hernandez got an autograph of Park on his photo of Darth Maul; he is one of the few who appreciates a good villain.

Hernandez said, “I was just talking to him about some scenes about Star Wars and X-Men.”

He said he is used to meeting movie stars, he has gone to several comic-con events around the state, and he has the photos to show.

Hernandez said, “There are not many people that get the opportunity to just meet people especially from Star Wars or TV shows, movies in general so I thought I would be the first one from people.”

The Palm Springs Comic Xpo continues until Sunday afternoon.