Local Firefighters Mourning Long Beach Fallen Fire Captain

Local Firefighters Mourning Long Beach Fallen Fire Captain

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We’ve heard the saying, “all firefighters are family regardless of badge”, for Cal Fire Riverside County Fire Chief Daniel Talbot it’s more than a saying and  the black band around his badge is deeper than a symbol. 

“To mourn the loss of our brother fire captain with the Long Beach Fire Department,” says Chief Talbot.

Their brother, Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa was shot and killed while responding to a high rise fire in Downtown Long Beach on Monday morning.

While firefighters know the dangers of the job, Chief Talbot says, this of duty death death is different, “This turn of events is alarming and disturbing to the entire fire service, fires are dangerous enough and now we need to watch our back from persons who are potentially mentally unstable and also mean to do us harm.”

He says all fire apparatus in the county are equipped with bullet proof vests and helmets but they’re only used during certain incidents, “We can respond with our law enforcement brothers and sisters in situations where there may be potentially be an active shooter and we can still render aid to save lives it would be 100 percent impractical to wear that equipment in a fire situation it’s too large, it’s too heavy.”

He says this is not only hard for firefighters to process but their families are hurting too, “We all joined this job to serve and we all know not only the risk to ourselves but we also know how difficult this is to the family members that we have at home.”

His message to the Long Beach Fire Department is simple and heartfelt, “You are not alone that we share your grief and we wish to honor your dead, that this is a brotherhood.”

His brothers and sisters of the Long Beach Fire Department set up a memorial fund, all proceeds will go to his widow and two sons.

To donate click here: Captain David Rosa Memorial Fund