Residents in Coachella have been living without gas for weeks

Residents in Coachella have been living without gas for weeks

Claudia Buccio

Families living in 44 units at Castro Trailer Park haven’t had access to gas since early June leaving them without the luxury of cooking a warm meal or taking a hot shower.

Manuel Tafolla is one of those residents affected by this. He is the head of a household of six and says he and his family have struggled.

“We haven’t had gas for about 3 weeks, so we’re having a really hard time,” he said.

The property is over 60 years old, and as part of its maintenance,  the owners have to repair old gas pipes

The lack of gas is the result of a required repair of the property’s gas pipes. Castro Trailer Park has been around for more than 60 years, and they’ve had issues with gas leaks forcing them to seek the help of a contractor.

In the meantime, those living in the property have had to change some of their daily habits.

“With this heat, people are just cooking outside of their homes, some have electric grills, but we don’t,” Tafolla said.

Another neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, told us his family has been spending more money on food.

“We have to get fast food a lot or we order food too,” he said.

That same neighbor told us he has asked the owners when this will all be repaired, but it does not seem like it will happen anytime soon.

“They said it takes a lot of people and it takes time,” he said.

The property owner Ramon Castro said the repairs could cost around $175,000, but it will take another three to four weeks. Castro said he has been in touch with a contractor who will fix the pipes, but they are based 2 hours away. He said he is just waiting for them to come.

We reached out to the contractor the manager said he is working with, but they did not give us a response by news time. Southern California Gas Company said they fix gas outages not gas leaks. Once the leaks are repaired, they will inspect and reopen gas lines.

For now, families in Castro Trailer Park will have to continue waiting for their gas lines to be reactivated.