Mother Who Lost Son by Illegal Immigrant Crime Speaks-out on Family Separation

Max Rodriguez

The United States Congress has yet to set a clear plan forward to solve the illegal immigration crisis, but what is clear is the issue at hand continues to polarize the nation.

Protests all over the country have brought out thousands who oppose President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” but for many others, the policy finally puts an end to illegal immigration, one of the reasons why they voted for Trump in the first place.

Sabine Durden was one of those voters who heard Trump’s immigration message loud and clear, she lost her only son to a drunk driver who was in the country illegally from Guatemala.

Durden said, “When people talk about separation like they do in the border, which is just a temporary issue, I always like to show this picture, these are my sons hands in the morgue, dead, my hands covering his and touching him one more time.”

Dominique Durden was a 911 dispatcher for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office; he was killed instantly after the driver slammed into his motorcycle in Moreno Valley. The driver had a known criminal record, and Durden has become a vocal opponent to allowing people who crossed the border illegally the opportunity to stay in the country.

Durden said, “I’m completely against amnesty and so I am praying that he will find the right way and not give amnesty and that the Democrats finally realize we have got to take care of America.”

She said people should come to the United States legally, just how she did it when she came into this country from Germany. She said she agrees with the president’s zero tolerance policy. She was just in the oval office last week.

Durden said, “He re-iterated that he has not forgotten about us and he told me that when we first met me, I will never forget Dominique, so he still greets me as Dom’s mom, he hasn’t forgotten.”

But the immigration issue is more complex than simply labeling a person as “illegal”; reports of separations at the border also include families pleading for asylum at ports of entry. International law does say foreign citizens have the right to seek protection from their country.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have agreed on a congressional solution to this ongoing issue.

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