Treacherous Night Triggers Flash Flood Warning

Treacherous Night Triggers Flash Flood Warning



It was a treacherous night. Thunderstorms hit the Coachella Valley. Now, the question becomes, what do locals have to say about the mess? KMIR caught up with a resident in palm springs, where the winds and torrential rains were nothing shy of brutal.

Dan Adams, a palm springs resident, said this storm was not much of a surprise.

“Mike [Everett] came on and said if you live in this part of Palm Springs, you’re going to get the storm really soon. Then, within five minutes, the rain started coming down.”

He even says he could track the rainfall, because it was filling up his pool by the minute!

“The wind was blowing, my pool filled up at least half an inch. We were just hammered here.”

Just yesterday evening, the valley was under a Flash Flood Warning.

“The umbrellas started blowing over, the pool started filling up, all the gutters were gushing. They looked like fire hoses going off.”

Things you wouldn’t expect in the desert. Especially during the summer.

“It was just a big storm that hit all of a sudden.”

Just yesterday Cathedral Canyon Drive was closed. There were signs that read “flooded,” “slow down,” and the most widely used “road closed.” All in an effort to show people that streets were completely covered in water. Absolutely flooded. Though, this morning, roads started to reopen– really going to show what a difference a day can make in the valley.

“Driving down the street this morning there was mud all over the street, gravel all over the street…so you know that yards were washed away,” Dan told KMIR

However, most of the debris was cleaned up before noon, after the Flash Flood Warning had been lifted.