Family of Drunk Driving Victim Still Seeks Justice

Family of Drunk Driving Victim Still Seeks Justice


KMIR first brought you this story two years ago when a drunk driver slammed into a teenage motorcyclist, and left him to fight for his life. Today, Elver Hernandez, the man who was under the influence, appeared before a judge to hear his sentencing.

The judge decided that Hernandez will have to complete his original seven year sentence behind bars. Now, the next step for Isaac’s family, is to make a plea to Congress for a new law to give a voice to victims who cannot speak for themselves.

“I want to see justice”

Diana Romo, Isaac Romo’s mother, is only asking for what she feels is right.

“Sorry, too many emotions…I want to see somebody to pay all the damage they did to my son,” she said, fighting back the tears.

Something she feels is a minor slap on the wrist after what Elver Hernandez, the drunk driver, did to her son.

“Two years ago he was hit by a drunk driver. He was in a coma for almost three months.”

This accident left Isaac with injuries that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

“Brain damage, three strokes, broken legs, broken head, broken heart for the family.”

Isaac Romo has had 11 brain surgeries, 6 reconstructive surgeries, and he still has more to go. Nevertheless,  while Isaac is continuing to fight to make a full recovery, he still has limitations.

“Emotionally cognitive, he’s not there. He’s not able to communicate with me or with other people.”

Injuries that stem after a man decided to get behind the wheel, while under the influence. Something that Marisela Bautista, a close family friend, says is unforgivable.

“When you condemn someone to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, I think that is worse than killing him.”

Elver Hernandez has been formerly charged with two DUIs, this accident adding a third DUI to his record.

“Isaac is going to have to pay for the rest of his life for this guy’s decision, so it’s not fair,” Marisela told KMIR

While Isaac still has a long road to recovery, he is still as optimistic as ever. His family dressed in blue today in support of the man they call a “warrior.” Doctors originally told Isaac’s parents that he would never be able to walk and would be paralyzed. Since that diagnosis two years ago, Isaac has gotten stronger and can sit up, walk with help, and even say a few words.