Toddler and Dog Play Catch Through Fence

Toddler and Dog Play Catch Through Fence

News Staff

Right down to the dog lurking beyond the fence, this viral video has a plot line similar to that of “The Sandlot.”

But the dog in this story is less of a “Beast” and more of a playmate.

This two-year-old in Minnesota is becoming an internet sensation after his dad shared this video of him playing fetch with the Labrador Retriever next door.

In the video, the toddler, named Conway, chucks the ball over the fence before Dozer the dog catches it and drops it back on the other side.

Conway’s dad says the dog apparently has a habit of playing fetch through the fence, but ultimately forces his friends to quit because the ball becomes too slobbery.

The video was posted on Twitter Wednesday evening and has so far received 350,000 likes and more than 90,000 retweets.