Firefighters Relocate After Cranston Fire Almost Fully Contained

Firefighters Relocate After Cranston Fire Almost Fully Contained

Daytona Everett

IDYLLWILD – As the Cranston Fire comes to an end, fires in other areas of California continue to rage. Therefore, the job doesn’t stop for California firefighters.

“Right now, with the fire activity in California, the vast majority of the firefighters that are leaving our fire here are going either to another fire or back to cover engines with their home units,” Lee Breyer, U.S. Forest Service spokesperson, said.

Meyer said at the peak of the Cranston Fire, there were 300 engines working to put out the fire. That number is now at 41 and shrinking daily.

A week ago, the Cranston Fire Command Post was filled with units from all over the state. Now, it’s almost completely empty with the Forest Service and firefighters either relocating to a new fire, or going back home, Breyer said.

While some are catching up on well-deserved rest, others are packing their bags for the Ferguson Fires in Yosemite, the Carr Fire in the Redding area and the fire in Medocino just to name a few.

“We’re happy to help them out, they’re happy to help us out,” he said.

Crews in Idyllwild are picking up burnt debris, repairing electrical wires and directing traffic.

That camaraderie is what Breyer said will help in fighting the active fires. Wednesday will be the final night shift for the Cranston Fire personnel.