Grassroots Group Helps the Homeless

Grassroots Group Helps the Homeless

Max Rodriguez

The triple digit heat can be dangerous for the homeless community in the Coachella Valley, especially for those outside during peak heat of the day but a local charity group is trying to alleviate some of the harsh conditions of the summer.

Several members of “Comite Latino”, a grassroots organization that helps vulnerable communities extended their help to the homeless in Indio by handing out meals on a Monday afternoon.

Fernando Escalante a member of the group said he wishes more people joined their efforts, “Hopefully this opens door for other people who want to help like we’re doing.”

Members of the group prepared about 100 sandwiches the night before. Jose Garduño is also a member of “Comite Latino” he said, “We are at a temperatures of 110 and 115 degrees and even then they come because we are here to help them.”

A sandwich and a cold bottle of water goes a long way for a person who does not when their next mean will be, a person like Terry who is currently without a home.

Terry said, “I’ve lost everything and I don’t have anything so it does makes a big difference and it helps me a lot.”

He said he does not have a social security card or I.D. and without them it is hard for him to apply for a job or aid from the government.

Terry said, “It’s sometimes hard to get to the D.M.V. or to move around, it’s hard to do it right now with when it’s 116 or 117 degrees.”

He said many in his position learn to cope with the heat by sitting inside nearby restaurants, but that could only last so long.

Terry said, “You got to move around otherwise if you keep coming back to the same place they’ll shut you out.”

But at least a group of locals are ready to help, no questions asked.

Garduño said, “Maybe some are war veterans, we don’t know where they are from, but in among them are good people, they are good people.”