UPDATE: Aiden Still Fighting Rare Fungus

Sara <br> Sanchez

Five-year-old Aiden Inman has been fighting inter cranial invasive murcormycosis, a rare fungal infection in his brain for almost a year now.

Aiden’s mom, Dina Rader says he’s defying the odds, “That boy amazes me I can’t even explain, he is so strong he is my hero.”

She says there’s been ups and downs but his last MRI showed progress, “The MRI actually showed that the infection got better it shrunk a little bit.”

Doctors have been baffled how a healthy four-year-old contracted the fungus, that’s rare even in people with severely compromised immune systems and even less often seen infecting the brain. Doctors gave them a grim prognosis but Aiden’s family has kept the faith fighting a long with him.

“They gave us no hope but Aiden gave us hope,” says Rader. 

Tuesday Aiden underwent his third brain surgery. This one to place a shunt in his brain to drain the fluid building up affecting his eyes and relieve the pressure.

“And it could possibly drain the fluid on the right side so his head shrinks smaller possibly to a normal size,” says Rader. 

His family holds on to the boy Aiden was almost a year ago.

“Our hope is that Aiden will get back to the little boy was before this happened, so playful and energetic,” she says adding they believe it can happen because of what they have seen, “he really does need a miracle from god and I strongly believe that all of the prayers that Aiden has gotten from hundreds and hundreds of people are what’s kept him here and kept us going.”

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