Civil rights attorney runs for city council in Coachella

Civil rights attorney runs for city council in Coachella

Claudia Buccio

Megan Beaman-Jacinto is a civil rights attorney and community activist who now lives in the Coachella Valley. Thanks to her work experience she said she is not afraid of a fight when it comes to the pursuit of social justice. She is one of the four candidates running for city council in the City of Coachella.

“I grew up very humbly as well. I grew up in a rural working class background with agricultural workers and factory workers. I’m an attorney now because of my humble upbringing,” Beaman-Jacinto said.

Beaman-Jacinto’s sense of empathy and service vocation sparked when she was a young girl living in Iowa. It was thanks to that humble upbringing that she’s been able to relate to the diverse community in Coachella.

“We’re raising our family in Coachella, I really care about the future of Coachella and the future of our children, and I’ve been fighting for Coachella residents my entire career as a civil rights attorney,” she said.

This is Beaman-Jacinto’s first time running as a candidate, but she said she has worked with elected officials in the past. She said she wants to use her background in law to formulate legislation that can aid the community.

In terms of her platform, she wants to make sure all developments made to the City of Coachella prioritize the needs of existing residents.

“I want to see the city investing in revitalization of existing parks and communities before we see higher end residential and commercial developments that are on the horizon,” she said.

This candidate hopes to offer resources and activities to ensure a healthy community. To do that, she wants to make sure the city has more parks and open spaces. She also wants to see more city-sponsored programs and activities for both kids and adults.

She is aware that many residents are fearful of the authorities, so she wants “to ensure that the policing in Coachella is [done] in a restorative and community-oriented way,” Beaman-Jacinto said.

This candidate is affiliated to the democratic party. She hopes her candidacy inspires other women to gain interest in political positions.

“I would like to see Coachella continue to grow as a strong city that respects its own residents,” she said when asked about her vision for the city.

Although Coachella is already a sanctuary city, the candidate wants to work with immigrant communities even if many cannot vote due to citizenship status. She wants them to feel safe and represented in their city.