CVS pulls popular baby formula from shelves pending ‘internal review’

After a mother discovered something off about her child’s baby formula, one of the nation’s largest health stores is pulling it from store shelves.

CVS told TV station WFTS, “Enfamil powder is temporarily unavailable in our stores due to an internal review being conducted by CVS Pharmacy. Our store employees can assist customers with finding an alternative product in the meantime. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The decision comes after the station reported a Florida mother believed something was off about her container of formula.

“The bag was in it like this, this particular sticker was not fully attached and when I opened up this seal that wraps around was opened,” Alison Denning told WFTS. “This smells like typical baking flour.”

She says she purchased a second container to compare the two. The second one was grainy and slightly yellow, she told the outlet. CVS reportedly offered her a refund, but Denning went a step further. She called Mead Johnson, the company that manufactures the formula. Denning says Mead Johnson asked her to mail them her container of formula.

Another mother, this time in Arizona, told KVOA she believed her daughter’s Enfamil formula was also tampered with. Chelsea Bellinger says she went to grab a bottle prepared with Enfamil AR for a feeding when she noticed the liquid in the bottles was separating.

“In the morning around 4:30, I’d say, I went to grab one out of the fridge and I noticed that all of them were separated. It looked like the formula was all at the bottom and the water was at the top. And my first thought was that my husband didn’t shake the bottles before he put them in there,” Bellinger told the station.

Bellinger says she shook the bottle and heated it up, but noticed the consistency still wasn’t right so she dumped it in the sink.

“I poured one out into the sink and it was very clumpy in the bottom. And when I opened the container I realized the color and the consistency was off from what I’m used to seeing,” she explained.

Bellinger says the formula was purchased from a nearby Walmart. A spokesperson for the company says it is reviewing security footage at the store.

Enfamil told the station that there is no recall on any of its products, but encourages customers to check the packaging and call the company hotline with any questions at 1-800-BABY123.

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