DSUSD Introduces New Anti-Bullying Program

DSUSD Introduces New Anti-Bullying Program

Max Rodriguez

As bullying cases continue to surface throughout the United States and in local schools, the Desert Sands Unified School District is joining a program to prevent any more bullying inside its schools.

Scott Bailey is the superintendent for DSUSD, he said its school will introduce a new program titled, “Start with Hello”, the program developed by the Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization create to reduce school violence after the massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that left 12 dead.

Bailey said, “As father of two daughters, obviously it pulls on a heart string every time I see a post like that, it just mean in nature and it’s certainly not what we want for our students for their future.”

But matters get complicated when bullying goes cyber. A local mother reached out to KMIR News over messages her daughter received overnight through a group text chat by her classmates, her daughter felt targeted.

Laura Fisher is the Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services, she said students or family members who are affected by bullying can submit a report through the district’s website.

“We certainly do not want to see any child bullied at school,” Fisher said. “And if they are frustrated and they don’t feel like they’re getting an answer from the school site is to let us know is to let us know at the district office.”

The district will now be joining hundreds of schools across the nation in the program, “Start with Hello”, a social development program created to reduce student isolation inside schools. The program runs from September 24 – 28 with a series of activities cost-free for the district.

Bailey said, “We thrive when we feel safe and comfortable in our schools, in our world, in our workplace and that’s what we aspire to have for our students, they deserve the best.”


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