State of the City Highlights “Growing Pains” in Palm Springs

Daytona Everett

The State of the City commenced Thursday at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Mayor Robert Moon discussed what the past year has meant for Palm Springs and what residents can look forward to in the future.

“The bottom line is Palm Springs is booming,” Hank Plante, a political analyst, said. “Five million visitors a year and that’s the tourism industry alone.”

With that being said, a booming city comes with concerns and hardships like a big city.

Mayor Moon addressed several “growing pains” during his 2018 State of the City:

District-based elections

-The new election system is aimed at better representing the minority communities.

and to protect neighborhoods.


Public Safety

-97 out of 104 police positions are filled due to money allocated from Measure D.

-6 new firefighter positions.

-45 organized neighborhoods.

-Measure J funds allocated to five new fire apparatus and 25 new police vehicles which is quickening response times.

-$5 million 1984 police station renovation.


Cannabis Industry

-Palm Springs is at the forefront, despite the difficulties.

-New lounges and hotels.



-$1.729 million allocated.

-Path of Life ministries is combating it by using “housing-first” strategy which takes people directly off streets and puts them into housing.

– Partners with other agencies.

-260 homeless individuals transitioned from streets.


Arts and Culture

-Art museum attendance up 43%, membership up 18%.

-Art in free space (Ten Babies, Isabelle, etc.).


Chamber of Commerce

-Building renovated to promote small businesses.

-Walk of Stars new standards: reduce stars, higher standards.

-Walk of stars proceeds donated to downtown Palm Springs events.



-$72.6 million economic impact raised by Palm Springs Convention Center.

-200,000 visitors at visitors center this year.

-$30 million economic impact raised by Palm Springs Air Museum.

-Andaz Hotel possible opening in February will have 121 free parking spaces.


Measure C Updates

-No: 70.6%, Yes: 29.4%

-$7.8 million brought in from TOT tax.


Palm Springs Airport

-$2.2 million passengers this year

-Seating capacity up 9.5%

-13 airlines

-New one-way flights to Canada, Chicago, Seattle, etc.



-Miralon has 1,150 single-family homes, condos, townhouses.

-Other apartments and condos to open within the year.



-$78.2 million gained from Measure J.

-Street paving projects to cost $35.4 million during the six-year plan.

-Indian Canyon project estimated to begin September 2018 and end April 2019.


Pension Plan

-Projected to raise $22 million by 2020.

-Projected to save $1 million this year.

-Council has set $11.25 million aside over the past two years for special fund.


Downtown Development Project

-Four phases

-1200 new parking spaces

-Connection to Town and Country


Three Major Additions

-New downtown park under construction.

-Agua Caliente Cultural Museum.

-The abandoned Palm Springs mall to become College of the Desert Palm Springs campus by 2021.


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