Evicted Whitewater Woman Pleads for Housing Assistance

Evicted Whitewater Woman Pleads for Housing Assistance

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Bobbi Ray from Whitewater says she’s been evicted from the place she’s called home for 11 years, “As soon as the sheriff shows up to do a lock out I am (homeless) with my pets and disabled,” adding she has no options, “nowhere, I am on the street, I have called over 40 different charities, state funded programs, everybody, every single person I can think of to try to get any kind of emergency funding, anything for my and my pets and no help at all.”

She says the downward spiral started when she was hurt on the job and trying to get benefits has been next to impossible, “I’m not a veteran, I‘m a senior, but I’m not 65 and I don’t have dependents so I‘m sort of like in the hole.”

She says she’s been packing and trying to sell many of her possessions and while this time has been tough she’s grateful for her neighbors a disabled veteran and his wife who have helped her with necessities, “He’s my guardian angel.”

She admits her landlord has been patient with her but says through tears, she still can’t believe people like her are left with no options in a country like ours, “It sucks it really does, it really does, I mean I literally called everybody.”

We reached out to Brenda Salas Freeman with the Community Action Partnership or CAP, who put us in touch with some folks with the county housing authority. The Riverside County Housing Authority tells us they help nearly 9,000 people throughout the county with housing with various programs and they are going to try to find a solution for Bobbi Ray.


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