A Second Chance at Life

Daytona Everett

Desert Hot Springs 13-year-old, Codi Pelton, has been on a heart transplant list for two years but Sunday, she received the ultimate gift.

Pelton’s rare heart condition landed her at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital for three months and while she’s made the most of her time there, a heart transplant was always the ultimate goal.

“It can come right now, it can come in two days, it can come in weeks, months it’s just all like anticipation,” Pelton said.

A month later, a doctor revealed the good news.

“She got a phone call, the doctor came in in his Star Wars regalia and announced to her that there’s a heart for her,” Brooke Monson, a family friend, said. “Codi has a heart of gold.”

A heart of gold that shines on everyone around her.

“She’s not thinking about herself, she’s trying to play entertainment director, she’s got karaoke sign up sheets, her mom posts pictures, she’s always playing, she cracks the nurses and doctors up, she’s just got a really light heart,” Monson said.

Her days at the hospital have all lead up to Sunday’s surgery. 

“I feel like my heart is going to be from a person who was well loved maybe and their parents are sad that they left,” Pelton said.

While the gift is bittersweet, Pelton said, “They know that they’re doing the right thing cause they’re going to live on through me and I’m going to make them happy.”

A new beginning for the golden heart. As soon as Codi recovers, she plans on meeting the family of her donor to thank them for giving her a second chance at life.

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