Local Woman Collects Donations for Flood Victims in Mexico

Local Woman Collects Donations for Flood Victims in Mexico

Max Rodriguez

Residents of Northern Mexico are facing a massive clean-up as a tropical depression flooded parts of Sinaloa and surrounding states just before the weekend.

Reports said about 70,000 homes were affected by the floods in the coastal city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, that is where Claudia Valdez grew-up.

Valdez now lives in Coachella but wants to help those in her town.

“What moves me is my people and not only my city of Los Mochis but the entire state of Sinaloa that’s been affected,” Valdez said. “People have died and there are people who are still missing.”

Valdez is collecting supply donations at Coachella Nutrition, it is her business of 10 years.

She said none of her family members were physically hurt, but their properties were not as lucky.  

Valdez said, “Some of my family member’s home were under water for days and unfortunately we are still expecting more in Sinaloa.”

She is collecting basic necessities such as canned foods, water as well as cleaning supplies, as she said many of the homes in her hometown have been damaged by the excessive rain.

Valdez said, “They don’t have anywhere to sit and there are kids who have gone days without clean water, so I said we have to do something for them.”

An owner of a passenger bus company in Mexicali will volunteer to fill one of his buses and drive over the supplies to the affected towns. Valdez is setting a deadline for Sunday to collect enough supplies to fill an entire bus.

Valdez said, “Well our goal is to fill the buss, and if we are able to fill two or three, that would be fantastic.”

You may reach connect with staff at Coachella Nutrition through their social media page, as well as, on their storefront at 51-663 Cesar Chavez Street, in Coachella.