Drivers Say Dangerous Dip May Have Caused Teen Crash In Indio

Drivers Say Dangerous Dip May Have Caused Teen Crash In Indio

Vincenzo Marino

NBC Palm Springs is learning more about what could have led to the roll-over crash that put three Xavier High School students in the hospital over the weekend.

People who work and live nearby the site of the crash say a dangerous dip in the road just east of Avenue 42 and Madison Street may have led to the crash.

“It’s an exaggerated dip at that point,” said Becky Gardner who works near the site of the crash.

“When you go over the hump too fast, people go over it, you can hear when the car comes off the ground and when it meets the pavement again, you can hear the tires screech,” said David Cuevas who driver over the dip every day on his way to and from home.

While authorities have not said exactly what happened the severe dip in the road near where the crash happened stands out like a sore thumb.

“It is possible for all four tires to get air if they’re doing 70-80 miles per hour easily,” said Cuevas.

“If you’ve driven it, everybody knows that it’s there if you’ve driven it, and as your speed get high, it’s almost like you become airborne,” said Gardner.

Making matters worse is the lack of a dip sign leading up to the dip in the road.

“There is no dip sign. If it’s dark at night, and it gets pretty dark out there and if you don’t know the area, you’re going to fast, something is going to happen,” said Gardner.

Drivers who use the road often say the dip is a disaster waiting to happen.

“I’m not surprised that it happened to those kids,” said Cuevas.