Student-Ran Café Invites Business from Indio Community

Student-Ran Café Invites Business from Indio Community

Max Rodriguez

A part-time job for many college students is simply that, a job that takes part of their time to earn some money, but employees at the Roadrunner Café at College of the Desert Indio Campus are getting more out of the position.

Anita Cole is a student studying business at the local college. She said her current role is nothing like the other jobs she has held in the past.

Cole said, ” We actually pick what items to sell and choose what hours we’re open or how we run our shifts, those are kind of things that you don’t get to choose when you’re in a franchise restaurant.”

Cole said the experience will be helpful as she plans to open a gym with her husband.

She said, “The most important one for me would be marketing, because I am not good at it at all so I’ve been taught a few things by my professors here.”

Besides the teachable moments for the staff, having a cafe on campus means students now have a place to go in between classes.

Graham Salisbury is a student at College of the Desert, this is the first year he attends the campus in Indio. He said the new cafe allows him to stay in campus during class breaks.

Salisbury said, “It’s very convenient, especially in between classes so you can have somewhere to go and study.”

With the new construction of the county jail in Indio and nearby government offices nearby, the staff at the Roadrunner Café wants to let students know they are open for business.

The Director of Career and Technical Education Regional Projects, Brian Thompson, said he hopes to community supports the new business.

Thompson said, “I think the more public that comes in the more experience students have dealing with the public and that’s a huge component in the customer service aspect.”

And even if is the first job out of high school for some of the cafe employees, they approach the position as a way to reach their careers goals, and not simply as another side-gig.

Cole said, “At this place you get to get a lot of experience in different fields that you wouldn’t of gotten the opportunity to learn on hand at a restaurant or a business somewhere else.”


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