Seniors In Uproar Over AARP’s Decision

Seniors In Uproar Over AARP’s Decision



There are a lot of angry senior citizens in the Coachella Valley tonight, and across California, after they received a letter from AARP. The letter notified them that they’re dropping the Silver Sneakers Program, which provides seniors with free gym memberships. Many, like 81 year-old Joan Hendon, now wonder what their options are.

“You have to keep the in tone at work,” said Palm desert resident Joan Hendon.

She comes to the gym two to three times a week…

“I mean I’m getting up there in age and I want to live longer.”

The gym has become a big part of her life so naturally she’s upset about what she got in the mail this week.

“I got a letter from AARP/United Health Care stating that as of January 1st Silver Sneakers would not be available in California.”

AARP telling her and thousands of others, they’ll have to pay for their own gym membership

“I am really angry about it…all of a sudden, why are they taking it away from us.”

A change that’s really going to affect her.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to exercise anymore…”

“This letter came in the mail yesterday. Some members still getting it today. So there are still a lot of questions, still a lot of unknowns for members and gyms alike. Here at world gym in Palm Desert they say, not matter what, Silver Sneaker members will still be able to get in the gym…in fact, they’re making it free.”

“World gym of Palm Desert at this location, is honoring all AARP members,” Sandra Lamont, the manager of World Gym in Palm Desert, told NBC Palm Springs.

The best part is that it’ll be free.

“There’s no necessity for thinking you have to go anywhere else. We will accept every member here,” Sandra added.

In just two days, the internet is flooded with angry comments about AARP’s move–comments that some like Joan hope will force them to reconsider. NBC Palm Springs reached out to AARP, but they declined to comment. The Silver Sneakers Program is only being eliminated by AARP’s United Health Care. Other insurance companies will continue to offer it.