Lotto Dreams Hit the Valley

Lotto Dreams Hit the Valley

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Clubhouse Liquor and Deli in Palm Desert is the go to place to buy lotto tickets. As I bought my Mega Millions ticket that has reached a historic jackpot of $1 billion dollars, the second highest in U.S. history, I wondered what I’d buy if I hit the lotto. 

Mary Walters from Cathedral City has the right idea, “I would get a dream home, I would get a dream car and I would take care of my family,” she says.  

So I look at the luxury listings in the Coachella Valley. I find an 8 bedroom, 11 bath, 16,000 square foot estate in the gated community of Big Horn for $18 million dollars, well within the price range for a billionaire. 

Next up the dream car. Desert European Motorcars in Rancho Mirage has the ultimate in dream cars. 

Rolls Royce manager Jamie Moore says when it comes to luxury, Rolls Royce is king.

After sitting in one, and seeing all of the extras, I was sold. 

I wanted the Phantom and a special one Jamie suggested, “This is a 2018 Rolls Royce Wraith, it is one of 55 built in the world and what makes it really special is the way it illuminates, if you look inside, every 15 seconds shooting stars stream across the leather headliner,” adding the price tag on this special car is $432,000. 

And of course a shopping spree would be in order. El Paseo is the place for the finest in luxe goods.

I’m in the mood for diamonds so I head to El Paseo Jewlers. They have the kind of bling I‘ll be buying with my winnings.

They drape me in $1 million dollars in diamonds … shiny.

But, then I hear Jane from Clubhouse Liquor saying something that makes a lot of sense to me because it’s exactly what winning should really be all about. 

“You should share this money to the world, the people who need it,” she says. 

And it turns out Mary from Cathedral City is already rich in spirit.

When I ask her how incredible it is to dream big for a day she responds, “I think you should dream big everyday.”


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