Midterms Front and Center at Political Convention

Midterms Front and Center at Political Convention

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The fourth annual Politicon brought big political names to the LA Convention Center over the weekend. 

Panel discussions ranged the gamut.

Some reflected on the past. , “

Nat sound chris christie:

“Unfortunately I  think that some people in the Justice Department most particularly James Comey … ” said former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who criticized the department and the former F.B.I. director for failing to do their mission. 

But many focused on midterm elections. Both the right and the left say it’s all about voter turnout.

“People need to understand it’s really important for them to show up midterms are pretty a low, I mean, turnout so each of these individual races is incredibly important 23 seats is not unimaginable to keep so I think just need to get out and vote,” says David Urban, President Trumps former campaign manager and Republican lobbyist.

“Well at this point the polls seem to favor the Democrats just winning back the House by a couple of seats but they could do much better than that if they don’t get the turn out they’re expecting then everything can stay the same and so everybody’s watching turnout, Republicans are doing everything they can to get their turnout and we’ll see,” says Lawrence O’Donnell, who hosts, “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” on MSNBC and  known for his progressive political analysis and work on the show “The West Wing”. 

“The national congressional ballot has tightened to about two to three points, Democrats in control, that’s the same lead they had back heading into 2016 and then Republicans ended up expanding the House but it’s going to be very tight no matter what Republicans will lose seats we’ll see if they protect the house and hold the majority,” says Charlie Kirk, a conservative personality and founder of Turning Point.

“For Democrats the biggest thing that’s going to determine if they’re going to end up winning the House in this election is how enthusiastic are i’m not sure that it really depends, you know at this point we know what their candidates stand for and the question is are they going to be more excited to come out than Republicans or not,” says Kasie Hunt, host of Kacie DC on MSNBC and a political correspondent, adding that anything can happen in two weeks, which is a lifetime in politics. 

But ultimately they say midterms may be all come down to President Trump. 

“It’s not necessarily a Republican Party, but it’s really a party of Donald Trump, which is now looking inward to folks who maybe were left behind by the Democratic Party,” says Urban. 

“So the Democrats have to feel they have to feel out as they face someone who tapped into that hunger, for new, for change, for rookies, whether they want to also lean into that,” says Ari Melber, host of “The Beat with Ari Melber” on MSNBC and is their chief legal analyst.