Largest Jackpot in U.S. History Up for Grabs

Largest Jackpot in U.S. History Up for Grabs

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Mega Millions is making history. The estimated jackpot it now at $1.6 billion and counting.  

Not all was lost last week, I won a whopping $11, so I’m playing my luck and dreaming big once again.

This time we can afford to dream even bigger.

Forget about buying an ordinary mansion, you can easily afford a castle on the French Riviera. There’s a beautiful 17th century one up for sale for only $51 million. 

Jean Barney from Palm Desert is dreaming of winning too, “A lot would go to charity naturally,” she says adding that after she takes care of her family she and her husband would go on a dream vacation, “we could dream, who knows maybe I could afford to take a chartered plane.”

Let’s find out.

So I went to visit Suzanne Homme at Protravel International on El Paseo.

“We specialize in making dreams come alive,” she says and quickly recommends a trip around the world on a chartered jet for me and 40 of my closest friends, “very, very posh, all leather, crystal glasses, you are served on china, beautiful meals.”

The best part she says: no waiting in line at the airport, “You are whisked away from the general public.”

So how much will this set Jean and I back?

“They start at about $80,000 per person,” says Suzanne and quickly does the math for a group of the 40, “times 40, that would be $3 million dollars, approximately.”

So, yes, you can afford many many trips around the world if you hit the Mega Millions.

And now for something more immediate.

If I win, I can’t buy the Dodgers, the team is estimated at $300 billion, but I  can buy the best World Series tickets available: Dugout Club seats, for me and my entire crew, a bargain at $11,788 a piece.

Jean says lotto dreaming is all in good fun and looking this fabulous at 90 I‘ll take any advice she can dish out, “The more you dream, it makes you more alive, I‘m 90-years-old and you know it’s nice to even dream when you’re 90.”