Preteen girls planned to kill classmates, drink blood, police say

Preteen girls planned to kill classmates, drink blood, police say

News Staff

Two middle school girls brought knives to school in a foiled plot to kill classmates, cut them up and drink their blood, according to police in central Florida.

An 11-year-old and 12-year-old girl were armed with knives at Bartow Middle School on Tuesday before they were caught, the Bartow Police Department said.

“Fortunately, they were intercepted by school staff hiding in a bathroom during class time prior to carrying out their plans,” Bartow Police said in a press release, according to WFTS.

No one was hurt in the incident.

“It shook me to my core when I was notified of it,” said Joe Hall, Bartow Police chief, in a statement. “However, I want to make it clear that your children are our most precious citizens here in the City and we do everything we can, every single day to make sure our children are safe.”

The girls planned to stake out a bathroom and wait for smaller students to enter, according to investigators.

The students planned to cut their victims’ throats, cut up their bodies, eat the flesh and drink their victims’ blood, authorities said.

Investigators said they found a message on one of the girl’s phones that they planned “to leave body parts at the entrance” and then take their own lives, WFTV reported. The girls are reportedly Satanists.

The plot was foiled when administrators searched for them after they didn’t show up for class. They were found hiding in a bathroom, holding a goblet.

Once in the principal’s office, the girls were told to empty their pockets. Multiple knives, a pizza cutter and a knife sharpener were found. The two reportedly admitted to planning to kill students as they entered the bathroom.

“They noted that they wanted to kill at least 15 people and were waiting in the bathroom to find smaller kids that they could overpower to be their victims,” Hall said. “I believe that these two small children. I’m going to call them small children, they are only 11 and 12, seriously sat down and plotted to do bodily harm to another student at school.”

The girls’ motivation for the planned attack was their worship of Satan, police said.

“Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide … (they) would go to hell so they could be with Satan,” the arrest affidavit reads.

Both girls were arrested and removed from the campus. Their names are not being released because they