Junk Pile Turns Sky Valley Neighbors Into Enemies

Junk Pile Turns Sky Valley Neighbors Into Enemies

Vincenzo Marino

A Sky Valley man says his neighbor is causing an environmental health code violation by illegally dumping and burying junk. Now he’s asking the county to get involved.

Roland Taageas says his neighbor Michael Walker is piling up junk on his property and it’s getting a little too close for comfort.

“The pollution that’s going on out here, the trash that’s going into the ground,” said Taageas.

Taageas says walker is fixing cars and flipping them for cash. He also says the parts Walker does not use are going into the ground, including oil and other non-biodegradable materials.

“At first it wasn’t to bad but it got to the point where there is twenty-thirty cars here all the time,” said Taageas.

Walker says he is in the middle of cleaning up unneeded junk and is waiting for a dumpster  to arrive so he can unload some of the mess.

“I just want him to have his facts straight because now he will get sued for defamation of character,” said Walker.

“I’ve called the county a couple of times and basically, I haven’t heard anything back from them,” said Taageas.

According to Riverside County code enforcement, their staff has received a complaint on Walker’s property. A case file is being put together and an officer is scheduled to investigate the complaint early next week. An official with the Riverside County Environmental Health Department says someone from their office will determine if in fact Walker is burying junk and dumping oil this week.