Vandals Hit Palm Springs Businesses

Vandals Hit Palm Springs Businesses

Kitty Alvarado Connect

On Monday just before 11 p.m. vandals shot out the windows of 11 Downtown Palm Springs businesses with a pellet gun. One that was hit hard was Bike Palm Springs Rentals and their surveillance cameras caught it all on tape.

First you see a white car passing then hear the shot and glass breaking. Palm Springs Police believe the second  white car in the video may have something to do with the vandalism or saw what happened and would like to speak to the drivers.

It’s still pretty upsetting,” says the co owner of the shop Anthony Torres adding that he went to check on his business as soon as the alarm company and police called. 

“Shocking at first there was glass all over the place, and kind of expected the worst … we checked the video surveillance and we saw what had happened,” he said. 

But then soon after a guy rides in on a bike and sees the fancy electric bikes without protection, and couldn’t resist the opportunity.

“Bike falls and there he goes, pulls the bike out of the window, takes the charger and rides off leaves his bike there,” says Anthony as he watched the video. 

What we don’t see is the third crime.

Shortly after someone stole the bike the thief left outside. He also doesn’t understand why some didn’t even bother to report the crime.

“Passer-byes that saw the broken glass and nobody called for a little bit so that was a little upsetting,” says Anthony.

He’s out a $1400 bike plus thousands of dollars  in window repairs, just like the business owners, still he can see a bright side, “Luckily nobody got hurt.”