Local Community and Governor-elect Urge Solutions for Salton Sea

Local Community and Governor-elect Urge Solutions for Salton Sea

Max Rodriguez

The California Governor-Elect, Gavin Newsom, said the community can hold him accountable to follow through with massive project affecting the Coachella Valley community such as the restoration of the Salton Sea, and now young documentary makers who grew-up in the East Valley are urging for a solution.

The Salton Sea is a crisis for the Coachella Valley, it is a toxic body of water known to cause airborne issues, but the area continues to be home for thousands including Bryan Mendez who directed the documentary, “Estamos Aqui”, it translates to “we are here”.

Mendez said, “The community itself needs a lot of support, especially being around the Salton Sea, we are often forgotten and pushed to the very end, you know.”

Mendez said he wants to show how life is like for him and his neighbors who live near the Salton Sea.

Mendez said, “In my community we face a lot of things from simple transportation issues to proper health care to the community here.”

He said part of the focus for his documentary is to show the new generation who is growing up in his community and the lack of resources they face.

Sacramento Lawmakers have been working on plans to mitigate the contamination of the Salton Sea for many years, but Gov.-elect, Gavin Newsom, said the Salton Sea will be part of his governorship agenda.   

Newsom visited the Salton Sea in April and saw the devastation for himself, Newsom said, “You see how in just ten years the sea is contracted and you see the air quality when you’re driving in, there’s a sense of true urgency.”

An urgency he plans to maintain in order to get a 10 year restoration plan in motion.

As a candidate, Newsom said he supports the 200 million dollars that would go towards fixing the Salton Sea, but now he is elected and the community is ready to hold him to his word.

Mendez said, “There’s people pushing to find change in the community and to make sure the politicians are doing their job.”.

The 30-minute documentary “Estamos Aqui” will play at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Coachella on Wednesday 5:30 PM, a panel discussion with the filmmakers will follow.