Furnace Safety Ahead Of Winter

Furnace Safety Ahead Of Winter

Vincenzo Marino

It’s getting colder in the Coachella Valley and a lot of people are turning on their heaters for the first time since last year. But before you switch your thermostat from cold to hot, there are a few things you should know.

Technicians with General Air Conditioning and Plumbing say they are getting more furnace related calls.

“Actually right now it’s quite busy. Everyone is turning on their heaters for the first time, so we’re getting a lot of calls,” said Rick Sherman, service manager for General Air Conditioning and Plumbing.

As the temperature in the Coachella Valley begins to drop, thermostats will go up, and there are a few things to keep in mind before you turn up the heat.

“It is a gas appliance so there is always the issue with carbon monoxide and such. So having good carbon monoxide detectors in the home and also having technicians come out that can check for carbon monoxide,” said Matt Kinnison.

“Make sure that it isn’t cluttered around your furnace. Most furnaces here are gas here in the desert you want them to be clear of debris,” said Sherman.

When you do turn your heater on for the first time, a strange but familiar smell will probably fill your home for a few minutes.

“That smell that you smell when you first turn on the heater for the first time of the season is just going to be dirt burning off of your heat exchanger. And it’s normal. Everyone is going to have that,” said Sherman.

One thing you that is not normal is the smell of gas, and that goes for fireplaces too.

“It smells kind of like rotten eggs or sulfur. So you’ll know that smell. But definitely if you have the smell of gas in your home that would be a good time to have someone come and take a look at it,” said Kinnison.

Maintaining your furnace throughout the year by changing the filters will help keep it running in tip-top shape.