Mother Claims Unfair Punishment After La Quinta Basketball Brawl

Mother Claims Unfair Punishment After La Quinta Basketball Brawl


A fight breaks out on the La Quinta High School basketball court during a junior varsity girls game between La Quinta and Twentynine Palms. Today a mother is saying her daughter got unfairly suspended from games. NBC Palm Springs received video from the tail-end of the brawl and messages from parents who say a La Quinta player never stuck a punch, yet she was suspended. Now her mother is left wondering why her daughter was suspended from four games when boys from other teams allegedly walked away with a one game suspension, after fighting.

“Why do boys get to be aggressive on the field and have aggression and girls have to act a certain way and a certain standard,” Isra Galvez, the mother of number 14 on the La Quinta basketball team told NBC Palm Springs.

This after a brawl broke out at the junior varsity girls’ basketball game between La Quinta High School and Twentynine Palms.

“They were fighting over a jump ball and the girl body slammed her on the ground, punched her in the face, and the other player slapped her across the face.”

Isra Galvez says her daughter, got punished for fighting, though witnesses say otherwise.

“She’s like, calm down I didn’t hit her coach, I didn’t hit her….and the coach was like, I know, I know you didn’t.”

Isra says her daughter claims she never hit the other player, and yet the principal dragged her off the court.

“The principal dragged her off the court and parents are telling me, he had no right to touch your daughter the way he did.”

Galvez’s daughter was suspended for four games, something she says isn’t fair.

“There’s been multiple fights at sporting events. La Quinta played Coachella. La quinta was the aggressor and those boys didn’t get suspended. Last week La Quinta played Carter High School. Those boys got in a fight. They were only suspended for one game.”

Consequences that make her wonder the fairness of it all.

“It’s just frustrating. She’s never been an aggressive child. If our children do wrong our job as parents is to correct them, but when our children our innocent, then it’s our job to protect them.”

NBC Palm Springs reached out to the Desert Sand Unified School District regarding these claims. It says that a one game suspension is standard according to CIF rules, but that this student received additional game suspensions for disciplinary reasons that cannot be disclosed. Desert Sands Unified also states there are no record of altercations happening during the two boys’ games that were mentioned by Isra Galvez.