“Def” Keep an Eye on What’s in your Gas Tank

“Def” Keep an Eye on What’s in your Gas Tank

Daytona Everett

Gas prices are down and holiday traffic is up which means thousands of people will be hitting the roads and the pumps. Make sure to pay close attention while filling up because a gas pump mix up is costing people in Beaumont thousands of dollars.

The new Chevron gas station off the Beaumont exit on Interstate 10 is where at least nineteen people had their cars towed in the past three to four weeks, according to the towing company across the street.

The owner of Dom’s Towing, Dom Desch, said customers are using the blue pump containing DEF, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. DEF has been confused with normal gas which wrecks a standard car.

“If you put that in your vehicle, it will eat up your fuel pump and anything rubber,” Desch said. “I have had to tow many away and I’ve had to take some to LA.”

The gas station is the only one between Beaumont and Palm Springs to have the fluid at a pump, he said. DEF should only be used for certain trucks that are 2007 models and newer and have a special blue valve. The truck Desch uses to tow does take DEF.

“Somebody had to call the tow truck because his car, is not working,” Francisco Espindola, a truck driver filling up at Chevron, said.

“If there’s not a selection of type of fuel, you’re at the wrong pump,” Desch said.

Desch said go to the right pump even if it’s about a dollar more expensive, it won’t wreck the car. The gas station manager said they’re trying to warn normal cars if they’re at the wrong pump but they do have clear signs explaining what DEF is.

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